Space Shuttle SRB Recovery Photos (2)

Very interesting (and rarely seen) photo showing Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) recovery. I’ll be posting the series over the next several days at the Facebook page: Space Shuttle Commemorative Coin Project.

SRB Splashdown 2

SRB Splashdown 2


Leadership Lessons from the Space Race, by

U.S. Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Coin
NASA’s Space Shuttle program will be coming to an end with the launch of the Shuttle Endeavour, currently scheduled for February 26, 2011. Our group is designing and developing The Space Shuttle Commemorative Coin. Follow and participate at, and click on the link to join the collaboration at our FaceBook page.

Ares I-X Rocket Medallion
Our most recent commemorative: Ares I-X “First Launch” medallions are still available at To honor Ares’ Apollo roots, each medallion contains metal flown to the surface of the moon on Apollo 11.


About Space Race Leadership

Curator of Space Race Leadership lessons for Business and Personal Development: Collector and creator of space memorabilia. Visit us at and
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