Space Shuttle Endeavour with Soyuz at ISS

STS 130 Endeavour

STS 130 Endeavour

This is just a great photo of NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour approaching the International Space Station (ISS), preparing to dock.

As you can see in the open payload bay, Endeavour was carrying the Tranquility module and “the Cupola” (a six windowed assembly that provides a 360-degree view).

The upper-right portion of the photo shows the Russian Soyuz capsule already docked with the ISS as Endeavour approaches.

The photo (Image Credit NASA) was taken from the ISS on February 9 2010 during Endeavour’s STS 130 mission. See other images like this one at the NASA Space Shuttle Gallery site.

Shuttle Coin, made with metal flown in space

Shuttle Coin, made with metal flown in space

The Space Shuttle Program is being commemorated with a special coin made with metal from the first shuttle mission, COLUMBIA STS-1. You can get your Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Coins at

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  2. Rose Burgett says:

    Dear space people at NASA:
    I copied a comment and link below for your benefit to get in touch with lighting architecture of space, in order to perhaps market the space center in a new way for capitalistic venture as in the example in the link as far as a light show from space. I know about video production and this is a great idea for NASA. Time wise I do not know if you could put it in your payload for this shuttle trip.
    Thanks Mr. Di Capua & Mr. Gehry for sharing. Wishing our Mr. Gehry could do this lighting show to our Universal Space Center. Could you please run this by Mr. Gehry and the space people? The interest would be phenomenal and it sure would help NASA. Also to sell future space seat flights on Virginia Air if they knew they got to participate in a space dance with our robot R-2 even up there. Great idea for capitalistic venture production
    I believe it is only right since our shuttles have moved all these U.S.pieces of the space center up there and we have to rent seats for the astronauts that since Russia is charging us astronomical fees for our astronaut seats that we start charging their astronauts at the space center and other foreign astronauts up there for rental of our space pieces per cubic foot, that the U.S. shuttle hauled up there; payable to NASA to GET NASA more profitable payloads!
    Rose Burgett

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